Everes-Spring Ltd. is leading Bulgarian company in the sprigs manufacturing industry. Our years of experience in technical springs manufacturing makes us unique.


  • Tensile springs
  • Compression springs
  • Torsion springs
  • Conical springs
  • Leaf springs
  • Custom springs


All the springs are manufactured with Italian and German materials. Measurements are carried out with precise Bolm Electronic electronic systems. Products can be manufactured by a custom order when a drawing is present. We take orders for single unique spring items.

Torsion springs

Everes-Spring Ltd. offers high quality torsion springs (torsional springs). These springs are widely used. Torsion springs offer resistance to twisting or rotational forces applied. Depending on the application, torsion springs can be designed to operate in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction, thus determine the direction of winding the spring. This type of springs are most often used for fastening clothes or garage doors.

Tensile Springs

Everes-Spring Ltd. offer high quality tensile springs. Tensile springs create opposing forces to the forces of stretching. Initial size of tension determines the tensile spring coil density. Initial tension can be manipulated to achieve desired initial values of tension of the tensile spring for the various applications. Everes-Spring Ltd. tensile springs have consistent initial values to avoid distortion. The initial tension in these springs is equal to the minimum force required for the separation of the adjacent windings. Springs diameters and hooks may vary.

Compression springs

Everes-Spring Ltd. offers high quality compression springs. Compression springs are made from wire coils and their goal is to provide resistance to axial forces. Compression springs are usually coiled with a constant diameter, although they can be manufactured in any other necessary forms as well - conical, concave, convex, or various combinations of these. Basically, compression springs are used to resist forces and or store enery, depending on the spring application.


We are trying to serve the needs of various marketing segments. Here's are list of some of the most frequently encountered springs applications:

  • medical tools and equipment
  • instrumentation
  • valves
  • measuring equipment
  • communications equipment
  • various pneumatic devices
  • consumer products
  • manufacturing equipment and devices
  • packeting equipment
  • airplanes
  • optical equipment
  • security applications and many more

We can also assist in unique springs design and manufacturing. Please contact us if you don't find your case in the list.

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